Children’s Sunday School

Christian School Services are held weekly  from September through the end of May during the 9:30 AM adult service.

The Christian School is a small, informal group that promotes a “family atmosphere”. The curriculum is geared towards children aged 3-11. Much of which is taken from “One Room Sunday School” published by Abingdon Press. We offer Bible-based teaching aided by age-appropriate art and reading materials, lead by Director of Sunday School Services, Rebecca Singleton.

For More information on our Christian School contact Rebecca Singleton at .

Nursery Care

Trinity’s Nursery Care program is lead and staffed by Stacia Davis, head of Nursery. The newly updated nursery provides a quiet and comfortable space for children 3 and under to play, socialize, or nap during the 9:30 AM adult service.

Nursery and Sunday School gather at the start for a brief prayer before separating, although 3 year-olds are welcome to go back and forth between Sunday School and Nursery rooms as they prefer.